Instigate a review and restructure to get your business into shape

Improvement starts with reviewing what you are already doing, keeping what works well and adjusting what doesn’t.

A restructure does not have to mean a major upheaval to your core business or personnel. It can be as simple (but essential) as restructuring systems, procedures, finances or sales. 

An outside eye will accelerate and improve the review process 

It is difficult to review your business when you are so close to it. And it is almost impossible to review yourself. So if you are in a position where you are the heart and coal face of your daily business operations you may need an outside eye to help you review.

Undertake a business review and address the essential questions that affect your business’s profitability. 

A review on its own is not a valuable tool 

Some business consultants are strong on review and light on restructure. Leaving you and your business with a review of what needs to change but no means by which to restructure is almost worse than no review at all. 

Rinnovate is a hands on, sleeves up business advisory service. We will work through a manageable restructure at whatever level you require and give you full support and advice all the way through. And because our recommendations are based on concrete notions of sales, value and profit – you will be able to see and measure results in an equally concrete way.

Expertise, guidance and advice

The advantage of working with a Rinnovate consultant is that we specialise in the buying and selling of businesses. So our expertise, guidance and advice is always based on very real results:

  • What parts of your business make you the most profit?
  • How can you increase those profits?
  • What areas of profitability currently untapped can you exploit?
  • How do you know the value of your business?
  • How can you increase the value of your business?

Strategy and planning

Planning and strategy seem to take precedence at start up time and wind up time and drop to a disturbingly low priority in between. Don’t be a business owner who is playing catch up. Right now is probably the best time to step back and take a look at the “big picture” with the assistance of an independent observer.

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