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There is no faster changing business domain than that of online marketing. And while many of the marketing rules you are accustomed to apply, there are crucial details, strategies and applications that are different. And if you’re not online, there’s no two ways about it – your business is going to get left behind.

Opportunities to develop and exploit for potential buyers include: 

  • Clear and documented profit projections
  • Your areas of niche market dominance
  • Potential areas for growth based on current  customer base
  • Gaps in the market place where your  business can fill a need
  • Unique industry knowledge, expertise and  authority 

Rinnovate consultants can work with you to identify your most promising areas for buyer opportunity, and then develop strategies and working plans to help you make the most of these areas.

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The valuable things you learn about your customers will help you sell to them more efficiently and accurately. Above and beyond this, the information you collect is almost immeasurably valuable to any potential or interested buyer. An active, engaged, happy data base is the wealth base of any business and online marketing helps you create and manage this with incredible accuracy and depth. 

Talk to Rinnovate  about the simple but crucial ways that you can make online marketing work for your business: 

  • Development of an e-marketing strategy 
  • Doing business online 
  • Website hosting and design (via an affiliate  company)

Online marketing checklist

  • A professionally designed website
  • Content that is useful to prospects and customers
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy
  • Database segmentation
  • Targeted communication strategy
  • Combination of natural and paid search listings
  • Article publishing on relevant sites
  • Blogging
  • Releasing online press releases and other PR material
  • Links from other reputable industry sites
  • Presence on social networking sites

If you can tick less than half these boxes then your strategy probably needs an update.

Contact Rinnovate for advice that will increase the online value of your business.

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